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sunset at boracay by choypalo

Ibiza, Spain | Jose Antonio Hervas

sunset throwback

"Fortune is changing course and you must endure it. Set your course by the wind, sail as fate directs. Do not steer your ship of life head-on against the waves, sailing as you do at the whim of chance."

- Euripides. Trojan Women. 415 BC.

The Lane can be a tricky place to shoot from the water. When I do shoot there, I like to get at least three or four people together so the chances of getting a descent shot improve. Although many shots come together organically, it greatly helps to have a shot in mind before you go out. It looked like the sunset was going to be unreal when I hopped into the water, and I kept telling Willie Eagleton to “go tail-high” with his airs and “One more! One more!” as the sky grew redder.
Caption & Photo: Ryan Craig